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2021-10-14 06:52:51TC1a4YPkqr55EFpv8XoEcS3GAfYe17U71e35000 satoshi
2021-10-14 06:51:23TYPo6eLy6obXRbmQBBqZiSmpGLeQdFHkCY14000 satoshi
2021-10-14 06:51:21TBbPavbktEixuAwUwHRWqHGBHAoPRac84M35000 satoshi
2021-10-14 06:51:17TWUCrstc7hCZXzX9B4BZrx5strvGap7vfR35000 satoshi
2021-10-14 06:50:55TYPo6eLy6obXRbmQBBqZiSmpGLeQdFHkCY14000 satoshi
2021-10-14 06:50:54TU25WdHa4XtPyceAr1LSZiNpwXqW8x8ZDB35000 satoshi
2021-10-14 06:50:02TQmNP2NtZmbbXvCZQareD2y8zoWPcvr3E135000 satoshi
2021-10-14 06:49:58TBpNo2nSKCNWsnmCKDibD1vGRrGGNFioVW35000 satoshi
2021-10-14 06:49:53TU7Ni8pC4nfp7UfeHvyKdXY2snXpvB11wJ35000 satoshi
2021-10-14 06:49:51TT944RAMkvwcjrj3tmUKBsFMGQKvGKd4R535000 satoshi

What is Tether?

Tether is a controversial cryptocurrency with tokens issued by Tether Limited. It formerly claimed that each token was backed by one United States dollar, but on 14 March 2019 changed the backing to include loans to affiliate companies.

Tether is called a stablecoin because it was originally designed to always be worth $1.00, maintaining $1.00 in reserves for each tether issued. Nevertheless, Tether Limited states that owners of tethers have no contractual right, other legal claims, or guarantee that tethers will be redeemed or exchanged for dollars.

What is Tether Faucet?

Tether faucets are a reward system, in the form of a website or app, that dispenses rewards in the form of a satoshi, which is a hundredth of a millionth USDT, for visitors to claim in exchange for completing a captcha or task as described by the website. There are also faucets that dispense alternative cryptocurrencies. Rewards are dispensed at various predetermined intervals of time. Faucets usually give fractions of a tether, but the amount will typically fluctuate according to the value of tether.

Faucets are a great way to help introduce new people to tether, or to your favourite altcoin. Many faucets provide information to newbies as well as offering them some free coins so that they can try before they buy, experimenting with a test transaction or two before putting real money on the line. Since this whole area is so new and a bit scary to some people, who perhaps don't quite trust it with their hard earned cash yet, this is a great way to promote digital currency and bring in new users.

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